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Your best friend giving you travel advice. 24/7.

Searching for where to go can be a hustle. Hundreds of options, visa, transport, housing, activities and so much more.
But travelling is about fun, relaxation an meeting amazing people and we want you to experience that.

Mapify is about all of that. Its about finding where to go, what to pack und who to go with. Its your best friend giving you travel advice and joining spontaneously to be on your side while you explore the planet.

At the same time, Mapify is about sharing what you experienced. It provides you with a beautiful way to map out your past travels for yourself, the world or family and friends.

Travelling should be simple. That's why we have set out to simplify, amplify and mapify it.

The Team

Founded in 2016, Mapify has set out to develop a new form of online travel experience. Focusing on design, quality and traveler experience, our goal is to build a platform connecting globetrotters worldwide in a personal and unique way, sharing memories and curating new journeys. We are a team of software engineers, social media experts and travel addicts. Together with our crew of Mapify Ambassadors we are aiming to create a fun, beautiful and simple travel discovery and planning expierience which will change the way we think about travelling.

If you want to get in touch with us, please send us an email.

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Chief Exploration Officer

Patrick focuses on Mapify's vision and operations. He works with our partners and mentors to drive Mapify forward.

Patrick on LinkedIn


Chief Milage Collector

David leads our iOS application development, focusing on the mobile experience of Mapify.

David on LinkedIn


Chief Travel Officer

Magnus oversights Mapify's entire engineering processes, focusing on efficiently developing Mapify across our platforms.

Magnus on LinkedIn


Chief Discovery Officer

Sebastian leads the development of Mapify's web application designing the Mapify experience on desktop PCs and mobile browsers.

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Chief Capturing Officer

Tobi leads the Mapify ambassadors program and Mapify's marketing operations. He ensures Mapify's content quality and variety.

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Chief Pathfinding Officer

Moritz supervises all of Mapify's backend engineering operations and data analytics, focusing on providing every traveler with relevant information.

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