About Mapify

The Mission

Mapify unites travel inspiration, travel planning and travel documentation all in hand. Following the values of simplicity, aesthetics and honesty while connecting deeply with the people and the world around us, Mapify aims to be a companion on every step of the journey – from gathering inspiration to mapping out individual and personalized routes to booking transport and accommodation and back to sharing impressions during or after the trip.

We do not adhere to conventions - driven by courage and passion we are shaping the future of traveling in order to give you a travel experience that you have never had before. An experience that allows you to focus on the joy, truthfulness and mindfulness of traveling.

The Team

Our Team is formed by powerful group of young travel revolutioners – each skilled and enthusiastic in their particular field of specification. Innovative engineers, social media experts, instinct-driven creatives and forward thinking leaders work on making personal travel experiences easy, fun and accessible to individuals globally and thus redefine the way we travel.

This is Mapify. And we would love to get you on Board.
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Creative Team


Communication Manager & Concept Creative

Eva leads Mapify’s communication processes and campaign concepts. She is also in charge of Mapify’s Editorial content and storytelling.

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Head of Community and Photography

Caro leads Mapify’s community and works with Mapify’s creative team to build Mapify’s brand.

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Co-founder and Creative Director

Tobi is the head of Mapify’s ambassadors program and Mapify’s marketing operations. He ensures Mapify’s content quality and variety.

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Operations & Community Team


Community Manager

Lis is making sure that the members of our Mapify community are having a go-to person for their feedback and thoughts. She initializes new projects on Mapify and helps building our global brand.

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Operations / Product Intern

Lisa works on community relations and user research. She collects feedback from the community and and helps the Product Team to improve Mapify.

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Operations Manager

Felix manages a part of Mapify’s operations, new releases and logistics as well as our vision products.

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Office Manager

Jinan manages both our operations and customer support as well as our Mapify HQ in Berlin. She is a passionate and happy community expert with an eye for detail and delight.

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Head Of Operations

Fabian is in charge of operational intelligence that includes among other responsibilities investor relations, monetization strategies as well as growth.

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Patrick focuses on Mapify’s vision and operations. He works with our partners, investors and mentors to drive Mapify forward.

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Product Team


Product Manager

Lili works on designing the Mapify user experience while overlooking product consitency across all platforms.

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Business Analysis

Selina is responsible for analyzing users’ travel behavior and works with Mapify’s product team on defining product strategy and alignment with customer needs.

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iOS Engineer

Moritz is part of Mapify’s iOS team continuously building new features and working on Mapify’s performance around the globe.

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Product Intern

Hans works on generating insights about the Mapify user base and product to constantly improve its user experience.

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Android Engineer

Sami works on Mapify’s Android app, creating the most aesthetic and enjoyable travel app on Google Play.

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Backend Engineer

Max is responsible for Mapify’s smart “Guide” feature and spends time sourcing helpful information for you to plan your next adventure.

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Co-founder and Head of iOS Engineering

David leads Mapify’s iOS application development, focusing on the mobile experience of Mapify.

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Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Sebastian leads the development of Mapify’s web application designing the Mapify experience on desktop PCs and mobile browsers.

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Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Magnus is in charge of Mapify’s entire engineering processes, focusing on efficiently developing Mapify across our platforms.

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