What happens to my data on Mapify?

If you share Spots and Journals on Mapify, we will store your data on encrypted servers which we protect with the most up-to-date measures possible. We open it up to you what you want to share with the Mapify community and how you want your content to be seen. If you want to learn more about how we are storing your data, please send us an email to


What is Mapify doing to protect my privacy?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Next to the legally important measures such as building our platform GDPR compliant, we have taken certain steps to offer your product features that will help you adjust who can see your content and when. You can read more about changing your profile to private here.

Please read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Need help?

We want you to have the best experience with Mapify. Please feel free to use the Mapify messenger in the app to get in touch with our team or just send an email to We are also very active on Instagram, so you can expect a response there, too!

If you are a travel customer with us, please use the telephone and WhatsApp numbers in your travel documents to contact your travel consultant directly.