What is a bucket list and how do I find my bucket list?

Your bucket list is a collection of all the Spots you have saved. Once you have saved the Spot you can click on the notification that pops up to view your bucket list.

You can also reach your bucket list by clicking ‘My Trips’ and then on ‘Bucket List’ at the top.
If you click on ‘View on map’ in the top right hand corner you’ll be able to view all the Spots you’ve saved on a map - it will hide all the other Spots on Mapify.

Click ‘Sorted by country’ to look at your saved spots organised by country.

To delete a spot from you bucket list, click the pen icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the spot/s you want to delete and click ‘Remove’.

How do I save a Spot to my bucket list?

To save a Spot, simply click on the Spot that you want to save.

Click on the blue ‘save’ button underneath the image. The Spot will now be saved to your bucket list.

How do I discover new Spots?

One of the best ways to get inspired on Mapify is through the ‘Community’ feed. This feed features new Spots from all around the world based on the user’s interests. These are all Spots that have been shared by Mapify users. From here you can click on a Spot to save it or learn more about it.


How do I use the search function on the map?

If you know which Spot you’re looking for and want to find it on the map, simple tap the search bar at the top and search for the city/country/location.
It will then zoom in on this location and browse which Spots have been shared there.
Click on the Spot to see more information about it and save it to your bucket list.

How do I use the map to discover new Spots?

You can reach the Map by clicking ‘Inspiration’, and then on the round map icon above the navigation bar.

From here you will see an overview of all the Spots that have been shared on Mapify. If you zoom in on a collection of Spots, they will divide into several locations. Once you’ve zoomed in close enough you can click on a single Spot to learn more about it, and save it.

Need help?

We want you to have the best experience with Mapify. Please feel free to use the Mapify messenger in the app to get in touch with our team or just send an email to support@mapify.travel. We are also very active on Instagram, so you can expect a response there, too!