How do I change my username?

To change your username, simply visit and log in to your Mapify Account. Changing your username is only possible from a computer, you won’t be able to do it via the app.

Once logged in, go to ‘My Profile’, then click ‘edit profile’. Scroll down until you see ‘Username’. Here you can change your username. After you’ve edited it, click ‘update username’.

How do I change to a private profile?

You can change your profile privacy on our mobile app.

Go to ‘Profile’, then click the 'Settings icon in the top right hand corner. Click ‘Account Privacy’. From here you can switch between a private and public profile.

When your profile is private, only your followers will be able to see your Journals and Spots.

What is the scratch map and how can I access it?

A scratch map is a visual overview of all the countries you’ve visited in the world so far. On Mapify the countries you’ve visited are highlighted yellow.

To highlight a country you’ve visited, simply find the country and then long click on it until a pop up appears. Click on the ‘+’ button that comes up, and the country will be highlighted yellow.

To access your scratchmap simply click ‘Profile’ and then select ‘Scratchmap’ on the profile overview.

What are badges on Mapify and how can I earn badges?

On Mapify you can earn badges by posting Spots from various parts of the world. For example you can earn the ‘Globetrotter’ badge by sharing Spots from 7 continents.

The badges will show up in your profile underneath your profile details.

The users with with the red Mapify badge are part of the Mapify team and you can recognize Mapify ambassadors by their blue badge.

How can I make my profile be seen on Mapify?

On Mapify it is all about how helpful your content is to other travelers. So if you are wondering about how to improve your profile’s reach and visibility, share content that is very helpful to other travelers and it will be seen by many. Here are a few ideas on how to improve your Mapify content:

  • Add a good and detailed description to your photos

  • Combine your Spots to a Journal so travelers can see the entire route your traveled

  • Engage with other travelers’  content on Mapify, like and save their Spots for your profile to be highlighted


How do I give feedback to the Mapify team?

You can either send us an email or you can send a message to one of the Mapify team members directly through the app. The best people to contact are @patrick or @tschnorpfeil.

We appreciate your honest feedback because we want to make sure that Mapify keeps improving and becoming the best travel app out there!

How do I delete my account?

We are sad to hear that you want to leave us.

To delete your account log into on your computer. Click your username in the top right hand corner, then ‘Settings’. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Profile Settings’ page and click ‘Yes, I would like to delete my account.’

Remember that this action cannot be undone, so think twice before you delete your account.

Keep in mind that deleting your account from your phone is not possible, it needs to be done on a computer.

Need help?

We want you to have the best experience with Mapify. Please feel free to use the Mapify messenger in the app to get in touch with our team or just send an email to We are also very active on Instagram, so you can expect a response there, too!