What is a Spot?

A Spot is a specific location in the world, shared by a Mapify user. It always includes a picture, the name and profile link of the person that mapped the Spot and a location. It can include text and possibly category tags.

On Mapify you can both upload your own Spots or you can find Spots that others have shared.

How do I upload a Spot?

To upload a Spot on Mapify simply click on ‘Profile’. Next, click the round + button at the bottom of the screen.

You now have three options:

  1. To upload a single Spot
  2. To create a Journal, which allows you to upload several Spots
  3. To add a spot to an existing Journal

If you’re uploading a single Spot, click “Map a Spot”. Next click on the camera icon to select a photo from your camera roll. It should automatically add your location to the spot, but you can also add your own location. Next add a description, then click ‘Post’ to share the Spot with the community.

What is the difference between a Spot and a Journal?

A Spot is a single specific spot in the world, whereas a Journal is a collection of multiple Spots chained in an unspecified, mostly chronological order.

How can others find my Spots?

Others can find your Spots in several ways. For example if a user is searching for London and you had a Spot posted for that location, then they could find it on the map.

Your followers will find your Spots in their discover feed (get to it by clicking ‘Inspiration’ and then ‘You’ underneath the search bar).

If the quality of your Spot is high (image quality and description), your Spot might also appear in the ‘Community’ feed which features new Spots from all around the world based on the user’s interests.

How can I delete a Spot?

To delete a Spot, simply go to ‘Profile’, then click on the Spot you want to delete. From there, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the image. Now select ‘Delete’ and your Spot will be gone.


What is a Journal?

A Journal is a collection of multiple Spots chained in an unspecified (mostly chronological order). You can use a Journal to store all your Spots from a Trip in one place. Document and visualise your past travel experiences, view them whenever you want or share them with your friends or the entire Mapify Community.

How do I create a Journal?

To create a Journal go to your profile, then click the big + button at the bottom of the page. Now select ‘create a Journal’. You then have the option to enter a name for your Journal and the dates of when that Trip happened. Whenever you map a single Spot you also have the option to attach the Spot to a Journal.

How can I add a Spot to my Journal?

There are two ways to add a Spot to an existing Journal:

Option 1: Add a Spot to a Journal while posting it. To do this, click the ‘Post’ button right above the navigation bar in your profile. You can either choose an existing Journal that you would like to add the Spot to or you can create a new journal by clicking ‘Create a Journal’.

Option 2: Adding an existing Spot to an existing Journal. To do this go to your profile and click on the Spot you wish to add to a Journal. Next click the 3-point-button in the top right corner and choose ‘Edit’. Then click the option “Add to a Journal” and choose the Journal you would like to add the Spot to.

How do I edit a Journal?

Click on the Journal tab in your Profile and then click the three-dot edit Icon and go to ‘Journal Settings.’ Here you can change the name, description, spot sequence, and dates of your Journal.

Can I share my Journal?

If you have a public account all your Journals are visible in your profile to the entire Mapify Community. If your account is private only your friends can see your Journals.

You can share Journals with a link by clicking on the three-dot edit Icon on the Journal view.

How do I delete a Journal?

Click on the Journal tab in your Profile and then click the three-dot edit Icon and go to Journal Settings.

Click ‘Delete Journal’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Need help?

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