How do I create a Trip?

Create a Trip on iOS and Android:

You can create a new Trip in Mapify by clicking on ‘My Trips’ in the navigation bar.

  1. Tab on the Trips section on the  Tab Bar /Bottom Bar .

  2. Then click on the blue ‘+’ button

  3. Give your Trip a name and set Trip Destinations if you’d like to.

  4. click ‘Create Trip’.

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How do I delete a Trip?

To delete a Trip go to ‘My Trips’ in the navigation bar.

Then click on the Trip you want to delete. Now click ‘Settings’ (top right hand corner), and then click ‘Delete Trip’. Done!

How do I add my friends to a Trip?

Did you know that you can plan your Trip together with your friends, family or other travel buddies? You can edit a Trip together by adding spots and notes to this Trip so everyone has an overview.

ⓘ You can only add people to your Trip if they have a Mapify account.

To add new people to an existing Trip simply click on the Trip.

  1. In the top right corner you will see your Profile Picture. Below you will find ‘add Friends’. Click on this area, then choose how you want to invite your friends.

Please take notice that your friend has to create a Mapify Account to join your Trip. Mapify is completely free to use.

  1. You can decide between selecting Mapify User, sending a Whatsapp invite, copy an invitation link or use other options available on your phone.

  2. If you’ve selected to invite a Mapify User, enter the Mapify username of the person you want to add to the trip and click ‘save’ in the top right corner.

They will then receive a request to be added to the Trip which they can accept or decline.

How can I add or change the dates of a Trip?

Once you know how long your Trip will last, you can enter the dates for it.

To do that click on ‘My Trips’, then click on the Trip you want to add the dates to.

Click on ‘Set Dates’, if you haven’t selected a date yet. Here you can set a specific date range or set a duration if you don’t know the dates yet.

You can change the date of your Trip at any time. Therefore you just need to go to the Settings section of the Trip in the top right corner.

How do I add Spots to my Trip?

Once you have created a trip it will show up in your ‘My Trips’ section. Trips are sorted after topicality, so trips you want to attend in near future are shown above.

Now it’s time to start adding Spots you want to visit during your Trip!

1. click on the Trip, then tap on ‘Add Elements’.

  1. Now click on ‘Add Location’ and search after the Destination you want to go or select a Spot from the shown List.

  2. You can add this spot or browse the Community Spots and add these.

  3. To add a Spot press the Button ‘Add to Trip’.

Need help?

We want you to have the best experience with Mapify. Please feel free to use the Mapify messenger in the app to get in touch with our team or just send an email to We are also very active on Instagram, so you can expect a response there, too!

If you are a travel customer with us, please use the telephone and WhatsApp numbers in your travel documents to contact your travel consultant directly.