Finding inspiration, planning, sharing our travels is beautiful. And as we explore and get to know our planet better, every new day we get a new chance to experience much more.
We get to know the stories our planet has to tell and we are invited to discover the amazing power that nature has and uses - in order to maintain and nourish itself. We get to hear the stories of locals and fellow travelers - their passion, their art, their culture and we are invited to learn from them.

We share. We share experiences and impressions. We share this planet that we all live and breathe on. We share reality and responsibility. We want to share more.
Mapify More is a collection of tales and stories, providing insights into culture, people, nature, movement and places. Mapify More aims to inspire. No matter where we are or where we are going. Taking one step at a time, we are invited to learn, to grow, to be. Be more aware.