Today we are rolling out the largest product update we have ever shipped. Welcome to Mapify Plan, the most powerful travel tool you have ever seen. Built out of Spots from our on our global community, you can plan your trips with Mapify Plan to the most hidden gems on the world. With this release, we set out to revolutionize the travel market and change the travel experience people have on their phones. We believe that how our planning tool is designed, it is going to change the entire way people plan their trips on web and mobile. With Integration to companies like Airbnb, we even aim to achieve another fundamental milestone in the Mapify travel planning process. With the Mapify Travel Platform, you are already able to find your next perfect travel destination based on our high-quality community Spots which are uploaded by our Community based all around the globe. With this feature, we’re taking the travel experience to another step. With Mapify Plan you can automatically generate day by day plans which fit perfectly together. You can reorder spots, invite friends, create an entire itinerary.
We’re bringing the travel leisure journey into one single platform - something, that, in this form, has never been done before by any company.
We’re excited for you to try this feature out, on which our operations, design and development team has worked for months, and start mapifying your travel experience.