The Social Travel Network Mapify connects travelers all over the world by curating an AI-backed travel guide based on personal experiences. Paris — Mapify, the trending Social Travel App, has announced the launch of its Android version and its large feature release Mapify Plan live on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield Europe. Chosen to be amongst a highly selected cohort of the continent’s most promising startup companies, the Berlin-based team presents what they call the “largest product milestone since its launch in November 2017”. The live-on-stage presentation includes a product demo of the new feature Mapify Plan, conducted by Patrick and Sebastian Haede, who are part of the company’s founding team. The feature enables users to create specific travel plans on the platform, which can be set to private or to public and thus be visible to the community. The platform recommends spots for every plan based on its AI-backend taking consideration of individual user preferences. As the user adds spots to a plan, an extensive algorithm calculates the ideal roundtrip and thus generates an entire travel itinerary in minutes. “Mapify Plan enables what many have thought to be impossible or just too time-consuming: Planning an entirely unique travel experience in just a few minutes based on personal interests and with services like Airbnb directly included into the planning process inside of a single app”, said Sebastian Haede, Mapify’s Head of Product who has been leading the development process of Mapify Plan. “Mapify Plan is backed by a sophisticated algorithm technology that takes thousands of data points from various travel data sources and integrates them into an automatically generated travel plan. We are extremely excited about what Mapify Plan already facilitates and we are looking forward to upcoming releases making this tool the most convenient way to plan travel experiences collaboratively”, the 20-year old co-founder adds. Another long-awaited announcement is made on the presentation’s closing slide: Starting today, Mapify will also be available for Android devices. As the company had launched its mobile product on iOS only, users worldwide have been waiting for this release. “Mapify’s Android app finally completes our product portfolio. We are now available on iOS, Android and on the web and will be focusing on rolling out additional releases for the new Android app in the coming weeks. From now on, nearly every smartphone user will be able to join Mapify and we are happy to already be seeing traction on Android just after a few hours”, says Magnus Langanke, the company’s CTO who oversees all engineering processes. Mapify has been amongst the fastest growing consumer travel companies in Europe and noted rising traction just about a week ago when the app was again featured by Apple in several country App Stores around the globe. Today’s announcements mark another milestone on the company’s way to revolutionize planning and sharing of travel experiences. Additionally, Mapify’s CEO Patrick Haede gives a peak into what will be coming next for Mapify: Announcing the feature series “Mapify Global Hosts”, Haede shares the company’s view on what will be the long-term vision of Mapify: Facilitating personal connections between travelers and the exchange of personal recommendations for travel planning. The “Global Hosts” features are announced to be launching in July this year. About Mapify Founded in December 2016 and based in Berlin, Mapify is a social travel platform for people to visualize, find and plan travel experiences. By developing a website and app which launched in November 2017, the company has attracted users worldwide to share trips and spots in more than 170 countries and has continuously been trending on several country App Stores around the globe. The company has raised $330K from MIT’s Sandbox Innovation Fund and renowned angel investors. Key Features of Mapify’s iOS App and Website
• Visualization of past or current travel experiences by uploading single spots or entire trips with photos, descriptions, and attachments
• Connecting with travelers worldwide by following them, commenting on the places they share or creating collections with them to start planning a new travel experience
• Finding inspiration on Mapify’s unique “Explore” Feed and receiving personal recommendations based on travel interests the platform recognizes • Searching for countries, regions, and cities to discover spots and add them to private bucket lists or collections
• Creating specific travel plans with friends, finding recommended spots and having the app generate an automated ideal roundtrip with transport connections and housing opportunities Editors

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