Whether you recently stumbled upon us by coincidence or you’re one of those who has been using Mapify for a long time, you probably already noticed the one thing that makes us so unique and different. Mapify is not only an app. It’s a feeling. And behind that feeling there is a united and strong family of passionate travelers and content creators.

Yes, you got it right. Without you, Mapify would not be what it is.
From little adventurers to expert globetrotters, the MapiFamily feeling has been created by each and every one of you. And in the middle of this community formed by thousands of travelers and even more thousands of journals and spots, there are some very special wanderlust sparked faces that have been supporting Mapify — literally — since day one:
Our Ambassadors. Thanks to them, Mapify is what it is.
Photographers taking photos at sunrise at a mountain
Our ambassadors capturing magic moments

Think of our brand ambassadors as the most talented, courageous and warm hearted photographers out there. No matter where or when, their fingers will always be in position, ready to press down the shutter button of their beloved cameras; and their eyes, similar to an eagle captivated by its preys, will be fixed on what could possibly be their next outstanding capture. No matter if portrait, landscape or urban, they can do it all. Some of us even call them the ‘Mapify photography gods’. And if that wasn’t enough, we find their photography skills perfectly matching their natural need for adventure. They crave the wilderness of this world and the uniqueness of undiscovered places. In other words: they are the marvelous personification of the true and vivid Mapify spirit.

Okay, maybe — just maybe — we are a bit biased. But in all honesty: they are amazing!

As a way of giving them back not only their love and loyalty, but also their time and work, we organize an annual event where we reunite as many team members and Mapify ambassadors as possible. It’s family time! The purpose behind these meet-ups is to strengthen the bond with our incredible brand ambassadors, introduce some enthusiastic new faces and, altogether, rejoice in a wonderful weekend experience. There is no way to describe how powerful it is, the fact that one app — Mapify — has made so many authentic and genuine friendships possible. So let’s celebrate!
ambassadors drinking with sun shining through
Sun, good comany and Mapify vibes
Some of our highlights this year? A stunning sunrise hike, fascinating tree hanging houses, some alpine sliding, two fools jumping into a freezing lake, a ton of hummus, too many mysterious goodnight riddles, a barking dog and some beautiful drone captured sunset magic.
But let’s start at the beginning: Friday 9am. Berlin crew on the plane, remote workers on their way and ambassadors spread around everywhere. The meeting point was in Turracherhöhe, a beautiful austrian location bordering the well-known area of Kärnten. A total of 18 people, 2 houses and a whole weekend ahead of us. In charge of all the organization was our Head of Photography and ambassador Carolin Unrath. This was going to be amazing!
Two people filming some video content with sunrise light
Creating some content for the after movie.
As we already knew, Caro did not disappoint us. Not a single bit. She not only found the perfect accommodation right in the middle of a mountain forest, but she also showed us one stunning spot after another. Of course, with a crew formed by so many photographers, you can imagine how hard it was to ever leave these beautiful locations.
We got to our cozy tree houses on Friday afternoon, settled in and went for our first Mapify dinner at the ‘K-Alm’ next door. After some candid laughters and some delicious desserts - (Kaiserschmarrn alarm!) — we returned to our warm beds, impatient for the upcoming adventures. Saturday was a full day. It started with a 6am sunrise expedition to the Goldeck lookout, a spot with a panorama view reaching as far as the Slovenian mountain range. In the afternoon, we rode down an alpine slide called Nocky Flitzer and, after that, continued our way towards the Millstätter lake, where we hiked up the ‘Slow Trail Mirnock’ to enjoy a stunning sunset view. On Sunday, we took it slow. Slept in, had a big breakfast and a team reunion, in order to update our ambassadors about the company’s most recent changes and future strategy outlooks.
See, at Mapify we believe that our ambassadors should not only represent our values from the outside and support the brand with their amazing trips and photographs, but also get a proper insight view on different entrepreneurial aspects. Things like ‘what are we currently working on’, ‘how are we aiming to accomplish it’ and ‘feedback about our product’ were some of the topics we discussed. It’s important that our ambassadors completely understand the strategy behind the brand, in order to become part of it. Therefore, including them in our projects and processes makes us not only get a bigger picture, but become a stronger brand in the short and long term. And it’s exactly this — community engagement, meaningful bonding and real teamwork — that makes our Mapify meetups so powerful. We are collaboratively creating the ideas and improvements that will make the Mapify of the future an enhanced version of the product we love so much.
On a final note, we also wanted to give a big shoutout to all our partners, especially @mizulife for spoiling our ambassadors with their beautiful products; and welcome our most recent family members, the @picpackers. We hope you feel more than welcome in our ambassador program and keep on believing in us the way you have since the very beginning.
Girl drinking water at a lookout
Mizu x Mapify

Our new ambassadors: the @picpackers
And to all of you: if 2020 is not soon enough for the next big event, we have good news. Our 2019 meetup after movie is already online! Click on the following link to watch it & get in that MapiFamily feeling wherever you are.