Your photos on Mapify

Mapify is based on amazing photos from travelers all over the world. By taking these photos and sharing them, all of you give travelers on Mapify a chance to see and experience the world through your eyes. Many of you use these photos in a professional sense and it is our number one commitment to protect your copyright for the pictures you take.

Therefore, we have already taken the following steps:

  • All over the Mapify platform, we disabled any right click functions to download photos. People cannot download your images using right click, a feature you might know from photography websites like
  • We have set up a specific email address for you to report if anyone has used or downloaded your pictures without your consent. If you send an email to, someone out of Mapify's content team will immediately get back to you and help you get the matter resolved.
  • We have made a pledge to never sell your photos. Never.

If you have any ideas on what we could further improve or any questions, please send out content team member Patrick an email. Protecting your copyrights is and will always be one of our top priorities in building Mapify and we very much appreciate any help :)

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