The Mapify Team

Taking the step from browsing for inspiration to actually putting your travel save into action can get exhausting at times. Uncountable options, visa regulations, transportation, lodging, activities and so much more.

We believe, to travel means to inspire and explore, to connect and to re-inspire. And we want you to experience exactly that.

That is what Mapify is all about. It aims to support you discover where to head next, what to pack and who to go with. Mapify is your companion - providing you with travel advice and joining spontaneously - 24/7 by your side while you enjoy exploring the planet.

At the same time, Mapify is about sharing places you found, stories of people you met and experiences you made on the way. It conserves and compiles your recent trips in a way that makes recalling and sharing memories easy and beautiful.

We have set out on a mission to simplify, amplify and mapify the way we travel.

The Team

Founded in 2017, Mapify aims to revolutionize the online travel experience. Focusing on design, quality and traveler experience, our goal is to build a platform that connects globetrotters globally and in a personal and unique way of sharing memories and curating new journeys. Our team consists of software engineers, social media experts and travel addicts. Together with our crew of Mapify Ambassadors, we are striving to create a fun, beautiful and simple travel discovery and planning experience that will change the way we travel.

If you want to get in touch with us, please drop us an email.

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Communication Manager & Concept Creative

Eva leads Mapify’s communication processes and campaign concepts. She is also in charge of Mapify’s Editorial content and storytelling.

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Android Engineer

Patrick manages the development of Mapify's Android app.

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Backend Engineer

Max is responsible for Mapify's smart "Guide" feature and spends time sourcing helpful information for you to plan your next adventure.

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Android Engineer

Sami works on Mapify's Android app, creating the most aesthetic and enjoyable travel app on Google Play.

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Business Analysis

Selina is responsible for analyzing users' travel behavior and works with Mapify's product team on defining product strategy and alignment with customer needs.

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Product Development

Charlotte works with the Mapify product team on user research, user experience and user interface flows.

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iOS Engineer

Moritz is part of Mapify's iOS team continuously building new features and working on Mapify's performance around the globe.

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Operations Manager

Felix manages a part of Mapify's operations, new releases and logistics as well as our vision products.

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Head of Partnerships

Nono leads Mapify’s digital marketing and partnership processes. He ensures that Mapify is visible and well represented across all platforms.

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Head of Community and Photography

Caro leads Mapify's community and works with Mapify's creative team to build Mapify's brand.

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Head Of Operations

Fabian is in charge of operational intelligence that includes among other responsibilities investor relations, monetization strategies as well as growth.

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Head of Product

Chris is responsible for the Mapify product on iOS, Android and Web. Among other things, he leads the product design process, project management and product strategy.

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Co-founder and Head of iOS Engineering

David leads Mapify's iOS application development, focusing on the mobile experience of Mapify.

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Co-founder and Creative Director

Tobi is the head of Mapify's ambassadors program and Mapify's marketing operations. He ensures Mapify's content quality and variety.

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Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Magnus is in charge of Mapify's entire engineering processes, focusing on efficiently developing Mapify across our platforms.

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Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Sebastian leads the development of Mapify's web application designing the Mapify experience on desktop PCs and mobile browsers.

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Patrick focuses on Mapify's vision and operations. He works with our partners, investors and mentors to drive Mapify forward.

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