Munich’s world famous Botanical Garden is located in the green and dreamy neighborhood of Nymphenburg in the city’s North West. Attracting almost half a million visitors every year, the Botanical Garden spans a total expanse of 4.500 m² and is one of the most considerable ones around the world. The area consists of a huge open air field and a total of 12 greenhouses arranged around three main halls and lets visitors experience every season and every imaginable climatically determined botanical conditions.

During flowering season, the open land is home to a broad variety of birds and bees that are drawn by the diversity of habitats and insects. Like this, especially during spring time, strolling the outdoor area makes a worthwhile activity. Entering the Garden at its South entrance in spring, take a stroll through the Rhododendron grove, inhale scents and colors, before heading on to the Alpinum next to the Big pond and further on to the forest part where conifers can be seen and sensed. Marvel at the adorned yard and finish off with an afternoon coffee and cake at the restaurant right next to the Rose Garden.

In the colder time of the year, visit the glasshouses for fueling, nurturing green and impressions of the tropics or deserted lands of our planet. Next to the Large Cacti House, here is the house of orchids in hall A, waiting for you with vibrant pink blooming accents turtles immersing in a bath. Making your way further in, you will reach the Palm Tree House in hall B, presenting ferns and cycaades, was well as mediterranean flora and water plants. The Grand finale at the end of the greenhouse constitutes hall C - the Africa and Madagascar house with an extra area for mexican and desert plants.

Thanks to its proximity to the impressive baroque-style Nymphenburg castle you can easily combine the visit of the two sights with a walk through the castle gardens.