Braies is a small town located in the Italian Dolomites of South Tyrol, mostly known for its natural mountain lake - presented by @lorisgleixner. Lago di Braies – also known as „Pragser Wildsee“ – extends at the bottom of Croda del Becco, a bedrock of 2810m height. Measuring around 36m at it’s deepest point, this natural monument has an average depth of 17m and enfolds a water area of around 31ha. Emerged from a reservoir dam that was caused by a mudflow this mystic looking lake is shrouded in legend. According to the myth, Lago di Braies hid an underwater gate leading to netherworld right at the rock’s foot. Nowadays, the lake marks the starting point of various hiking trails of the local Dolomites and therefore is a popular destination for day-trips and hikes. The peaks of the mountains surrounding the lake provide enjoyable views across the peaceful waters of Lago di Braies. Walking the 4km circular path around the lake takes about one hour. Also, do not miss out on the opportunity of paddling and rowing across the clear water in summer.