This spot shared by lara shows views discovered during her 3-day trip down the Incan „Choro Trail“ in the department of Nor Yungas, Bolivia.
Starting from La Cumbre at almost 5000m above sea level, „El Choro Trek“ goes down around 3700m and leads along diverse climate zones – from cold barren land at the starting point, towards the subtropical and fruitful Yunga valleys. Having passed Samana Pampa, where visitors will be registered, the settlement of Chucura offers accommodation for an overnight stay as well as camping facilities. From here on, the trail slopes steeply with occasional smaller ascents and is marked by many (hanging) bridges and misty mystic views across the river valley of Rio Chucura. Lined by palm trees, dense shrubs, Peruvian pepper trees and lianas, wanderers get past the colonies of Challapampa and Buena Vista, where accommodation is available before finishing the trail in Chairo. „Choro trail“ is accessible all year round and can be walked with a tour guide or on one’s own. Please note that paths can get slippery during rainy season and catering facilities can be limited so please pack wisely.