January 20, 2020
Finding peace at your own pace
cmoso (Photo 0)

Being only 19 years old, Christian has the capability of living life at his own pace, no matter where he is and what is happening around him. Equipped with an inner peace, he deeply appreciates places in the middle of nowhere that remind him of how dramatic and insanely beautiful the world is. At the same time he likes being surrounded by the bustle and white noise of big cities and crowded places. That is when cmoso slows down and zones out in order to observe what is happening around him.

cmoso (Photo 1)

Slowing it down and taking it all in, breathing along with nature made him sit down on the summit of Mount Batur and watch the clouds move and change with every inhale. Spending time with the balinese monkeys on this secluded mountain top is something, Christian would do over and over again.

With all the dwelling experiences he got to live already, cmoso keeps being overwhelmed with the dreaminess of all the places he visits. Follow him to join upcoming journeys and see the world through eyes of appreciation.