Traveling is about finding what you did not search for, about falling for places and about feeling at home anywhere in the world. Browsing through cocogonsers profile, it is easy to see that she found, fell for and feels at home in the areas around her native land of southern Germany. Even though Corinna is comfortable and familiar with the mountains and their sometimes rough and raw conditions most of the times, she had to face the challenge of bundling all her courage when she hiked up the mountain peak at Plansee in Austria because she would have never expected it to be that steep and slippery with ravines to her left and right. So to balance out the kicks of adrenaline that come with the hiking, Corinna enjoys to sit down next to the clear cold waters of Austria’s Schlegeis Stausee in winter and soak up the moody calmness of the spot. And as “summers are for road trips”, she is currently planning tours across Germany and Denmark, that we will hopefully get to go along with on Mapify.