Being popular, well known and often visited by travel bloggers and those on a hunt for beautifully atmospheric and dreamy shots, the Goreme National Park holds more than just surreal views. Shifting the gaze from the hot air balloons floating on pastel skies towards the Rock formations of Cappadocia, an entire new universe of habitats seems to unfold - hiding a total of about 3000 churches and residences digged deep into the tuff. Sculpted and shaped by natural erosion over the past, the area of Goreme National Park is said to have first been settled by mankind almost 10.000 years ago. The sanctuaries and subterranean villages built into the upright “fairy chimey” rocks, date back to the 4th century and have served as refuges and habitats for several thousand people in times of Arab invasions. However, most of the beautifully decorated monasteries have been digged into the rock caves after the 9th century and give evidence of the post-iconoclastic byzantine art. Built over hundreds of years and repeatedly reshaped and influenced by both man’s hand and natural forces, Goreme National Park will farther evolve and unfold - making this UNESCO World Heritage property a constant reflection of both Natural and cultural fusion and evolvement.