Having traveled across her home country and the adjacent Swiss alps several times in her childhood, Julia has soaked in the marvellous nature of French landscape characteristics. Like this, she will feel comfortable at any off-grid place across the world, as long as it involves the familiarness of Mountains or softly swinging pine trees. Instead of ticking the place off her bucketlist when she visited fascinating Lake Oeschinen in Switzerland in Summer 2017, she immediately put it back on - planning to revisit during Winter. Another thing, @juliaallio considers an essential part of any travel experience is: getting lost. Because that is where “unexpected” and “extraordinary” meet - leaving special memories in her mind and memorable photographs in her hand. Just as much as she loves sharing memories with family and friends, Julia enjoys sharing moments with them, which is why she barely travels alone. Oh, and if you are around Guadeloupe, Paris or Amsterdam this summer, and happen to run into a girl carrying around Apple Sauce in her backpack, make sure to say Hi! - that girl is Julia.