Being especially known for its colorful narrow streets, sweet pastries and yellow tramways, Lisbon is among the oldest cities in the world and marks Portugal’s centre of education, economy, entertainment and tourism. Like this, it is no surprise that the most western European capital has a whole lot to offer.

Built onto a total of seven hills next to the river bed of Tejo, Lisbon is home to around 540.000 people and is therefore considered a rather small and compact European capital. At the same time, its location close to the coast provide it with about 300 sunshine days per year, complimented by occasional pleasant Atlantic breezes.
Especially enlightened by the evening sun during dusk, the characteristic colorful houses give Lisbon’s cityscape a dreamy feel and make walking through the steep streets of neighborhoods like Bairro Alto as shown by julia.jach an inspiring soul-soothing stroll. It is not only the fascinating facades and “azulejos” (painted tiles) but also the historic variety behind them that makes people fall in love with the city. Many castles, churches and museums have been built over the baroque and gothic ages and are repeatedly influenced by Manueline elements - a typical Portuguese architectural style, adorned with various décor embellishments.

Spending a couple of days in the coastal city enables you to experience its cultural diversity with all the senses simultaneously: Marvel at the ancient sights while enjoying one (or a couple) of the typical Portuguese “nata” milk creme pastries – accompanied by some “Fado”, the local music style consisting of guitar or string sounds and narrative chants - telling stories about melancholic longing, love and social mischief.

Drawn by the variety of university programs and the international vibe, Lisbon is filled with energetic, young people from all across Europe that enrich the historic city with their contemporary and creative mindset - filling the streets and places with art and music. Lisbon is growing into a modern metropolis that yet keeps nostalgically reminiscing and conserving its ancient character at the same time.