While others like the thrill of overcoming fears and thus make the process of challenging themselves a priority in their travel plans, for Christopher voyaging itself has been a huge step out of the comfort zone for many years. Being of a sensitive nature, he likes to spend time remote and experience peace far away from busy places - sharing calmness and the magic of sunrises with his likeminded wife. Getting married to a New Zealand woman that grew up on the other side of our planet has eventually lead maegondo to dare and enjoy traveling. Wanting to get to know the land that has shaped her childhood, he followed his wife to New Zealand and fell for the Tongariro National Park with its landscape and the scenic views opening up along the “Ohakune Mountain Road”. Christopher especially recommends enjoying the sunset here, as it provides you with incredible views over the Nature Reserve. As for secret locations around his hometown Stuttgart, Germany, maegondo, who works as a photographer, knows a lot of hidden gems that make for incredible photo spots, so make sure to hit him up whenever you get to visit the city in South Germany.