Located in the mountainous Teno-region in Teneriffa’s north west, Masca is a small town inhabited by only around 100 people living in small houses that are put up onto the rocks, consist of mostly two floors and have seperately accessible entries for every room. As the village is built in a former vulcanic area, the land is especially fruitful and brings off some of the best potatoes, onions and citrus fruits on the canaric island. Masca has particularly become famous for being the starting point of hiking trips through the Masca canyon, that narrows down to around 30m in width and leads down to the ocean in a hike of 3 hours one way, but has recently been closed due to safety defects. Said to be the most romantic village on Teneriffa, Masca is still worth a visit. The viewpoint “Mirador de Masca” is located around one walking hour from the town centre and offers views over the Masca valley, the rich plant variety of the “Barranco Seco” and eventually opens up an unobstructed sea panorama.