With the building of its base dating back to the 12th century, the giant monument of Nizwa Fort that we can see today, has been built by Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi in approximately 12 years starting at early 17th century.

Constructed to be a safe place of shelter in times of bombardment, the walls of Nizwa are unusually thick and built onto fundaments reaching ground depth of up to 30m.
The round tower that surmounts the fortress and characterizes the appearance of the monument measures a gigantic diameter of 44m and a height of 28m. Like this, it is the highest tower of Oman and was once guarded by a total of 24 canon shooters to protect the Imam, his family, guards and guest who used to live in the castle.
Today, Nizwa Fort is one of the most impressive and informative places to get to know the Oman way of life and gives visitors insights into the arts and living culture of past and present. The massive rooms of the fortress are thematically separated and present living quarters, traditional masks and jewelry, as well as shrines and culinary traditions.
On the outside, several walking routes around and across the ruins of the fort give adventurers the opportunity of discovering textures, structures and their own view of the impressive Oman scenery.