The souls behind oftwolands are Florent and Amberly, a french-australian couple based in Sydney, Australia. Fueled by their explorative and adventurous spirit and working as content creators, they roam all around the globe. Living the life of digital nomads and sharing their experiences via social media, they prefer using physical maps rather than gps from time to time - What might sound like an uncommon travel habit at first this is what gives a the feeling of plans coming to life.

Always up for extremes, Amberly and Flo find themselves in the midst of New Zealand fields one day and in the buzzing cities of Japan the next. Being exposed to the opposites of complete silence and urban bustle and enjoying both experiences, these guys would have a hard time deciding on either of them and will always put the destinations of Otago/Wankaka and Kyoto back onto their personal bucket list. Shaping a well attuned team, they consider having the perfect mix of solo- and group traveling as they get to share impressions and moments with new people whenever they want but can also have time of their own without missing out on sharing.

At the same time, Amberly says to have grown a lot from the solo travel experience she unintentionally ended up in when a couple of friends dropped out a scheduled trip to Europe. Stepping out of her comfort zone and meeting new people helped her get rid of anxiety and not think too much about „what ifs“ which marks an essential part of traveling.