January 20, 2020
One world. All access.
How we perceive the world of travel and how we will make an impact
One world (Photo 0)

Traveling has never been easier and faster. We go to sleep in Amsterdam and wake up in Vancouver. However, along with that, new challenges arise. Limitless options want to be evaluated, destinations need to be chosen and „time is money“, so we better get organized quickly.

One vision, one mission

Growing up in a generation that is both passionate and daring, aiming to make the impossible possible and constantly exploring creative ways to reinvent conventions, there is a few key thoughts that drive the vision of the Mapify platform. Based on those values, we hope to be able to share the world in new ways: By making unforgettable travel experiences accessible to anyone.

One world (Photo 1)

The idea of giving and receiving

Our personality is shaped by the experiences we make and we naturally seek to express ourselves. By sharing our impressions, we get to inspire others and thus contribute to their individual stories.

One world (Photo 2)

The relevance of simplicity and aesthetics

Keeping things clean and the simplification of travel planning and booking processes lets us focus on what is truly fun: the anticipation of the adventure. The journey starts now and it is beautiful already.

One world (Photo 3)

The power of connection

Global connection and unity is a true gift. From virtual platforms to real places, from documentations on the screen to cross-cultural encounters: we have the ability to grow online connections into offline bondings and friendships. Mapify wants you to not only see but participate in bigger pictures.

Step out, meet new horizons, share inspiration, create memories and experience life together.