January 20, 2020
Our ambassadors
Creators, pioneers, and friends
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Mapify is more than just a platform for travel planning and travel experiences. We set out to team up with inspiring creators around the globe. This group of people grew to become our family of brand ambassadors.

Mapify ambassadors are pioneers of travel.

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An introduction to the world

They travel around the globe to capture and introduce us to new and breathtaking places. They search the unknown, they surprise and fascinate us with the beauty of our planet, over and over again. They fuel our inspiration and wanderlust. They care about nature and sustainability and leave nothing but footprints at places they visit.

They return with unique stories and experiences they want to share with our travel community. They figure out cool itineraries, to make it easier for us to go on a life-changing trip.

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Growing together

Our ambassadors believe in Mapify since the early days. They helped us shape Mapify’s aesthetic and grow our community to where it is today. Having covered the world’s best-known places and posting them on Mapify, those guys are motivated to explore even more places they – and us – haven’t been to yet. They want to explore beyond their boundaries and share their journeys.

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You are a travel photographer or blogger? You are looking for new challenges and opportunities? You are a local expert for specific destinations? Apply today to join our ambassador family.

Apply by sending a message to Tobi.