Marcus says himself to be a part-time pilot and a full-time traveler. Shifting the saying “expect the unexpected” to the completely new level of “plan the unplanned”, his approach when it comes to planning a trip is: Have absolutely no plan. Or better: have plans and then change them. Decide on going to Vietnam and then shortly choose to leave for South Africa instead. Wherever he goes, one thing is sure: By the time he returns, he will be equipped with tons of beautiful memories and inspirations in the shape of photos and words (convince yourself by browsing through his spots and trips). Living this philosophy of flexibility and independence, it is obvious that Marcus will only pack his backpack with the minimum of physical things he could need. One thing he’d always take with him though: a lighter (according to his own words, he sucks at making fires - and who would not want a nice bonfire to sit around by night?). The one destination Marcus would set out for again and again is Tofino on Vancouver Island, Canada. He is specifically pulled by the fusion of north western rawness, surfing culture and a good cup of coffee. So: not a hard thing guessing the next destination Marcus will take his parents to - right? Apart from showing them around places that grew on him, he also enjoys meeting fellows and showing them around his homebase Berlin. So feel free to message him to find out the best of Berlin and make sure to be spontaneous and decisive 😃