January 20, 2020
Preserve the planet
More purity – less plastic
Preserve planet (Photo 0)

Ruled by the oceans

2/3 of our planet is covered with water. As humans, our bodies consist of 70-95% water – depending on our age and constitution. We breathe roughly 10.000 liters of air each day of which 20% is oxygen – produced within trees that averagely grow as many individual leaves as a human grows hairs on his head. And just as our hairiness is rooted and fueled by the largest human organ, our skin, the “organ” that nourishes a plant’s roots, is soil. Packed with layers of nutrients and minerals, it equally contributes to maintaining both the complex and colorful ecosystem we live in and the complex and curious organisms we are.

Especially as we roam the outdoors, we know how a jump into clear water, a deep inhale of fresh air or taking off our shoes and digging our feet into soft and warm sand, can be so relieving.

Preserve planet (Photo 1)

We need the green of lush leaves.
We need the blue of fresh purifying waters.
We need the red of nutritious sand and soil.

We are part of the planet. And it is our responsibility to preserve and sustain what nourishes us.

As for numbers:

Every common toothbrush, every PET bottle, every plastic wrap that has ever been used on the planet is still not completely degraded and gone. Comparing this given fact to the short time frame that is needed for a liter of water to diminish under the sun, a handful of soil to decompose or the lifespan of a leave before it decays, this matter of fact surpasses absurdity.

Preserve planet (Photo 2)

The time is now

Being in agreement about having to engage in preserving the planet, sometimes it seems hard for us to find a way to begin. With the following rather small and easy inspirations, that – conducted collectively by all of us – will definitely have an impact, we want to kick off your personal progress towards a more aware, more conscious and more sustainable way of both traveling habits and everyday life.

  • “Travel sized products are so convenient!” - they are, but they also produce an immense amount of plastic waste. Next time you set out to explore, pour your shampoo and conditioner into reusable containers. Or: Try solid shampoo that does not need any packaging at all!

  • Pack some small cotton sachets that you carry around in your purse or backpack. Those are light and useful and spare you the plastics when shopping groceries.

  • Also: Challenge yourself to shop local. Grabbing fresh vegetables from the market can be fun and is usually unwrapped.

  • “Replace your toothbrush at least every 2-3 months”, they say. Next time you need a new one, get yourself a bamboo version that does not need plastic.

  • Instead of buying 4-5 PETs per day, get yourself a bottle that is made of either glass or stainless steel that you can take on your travels, to uni, to work and that will serve you long-term.

Preserve planet (Photo 3)

Travel is beautiful and enriching and educating. And while we grow personally through travel, we want to make it our pledge to give back. By deciding on destinations, means of transport and travel frequency mindfully, by taking our environment into account and by living our lives in sync with planet Earth.