January 20, 2020
Roman Königshofer
An interview with rawmeyn
romankoonigshofer (Photo 0)

Working as an adventure and outdoor photographer capturing movement and mountains, Roman Königshofer travels around the globe. We talked to him about uniting his profession as a content creator and his deep passion for sports and nature.

Imagine you were sent out on a journey without your camera. How would that impact your way of traveling?
Not that much, I think. As without taking photos, I would have a lot more spare time that I’d probably spend surfing, climbing, hiking and snowboarding even more.

You are an outdoor – and adventure photographer. Your images unite nature and structure – linked by artistic play with light. What came first: fascination for nature or your photographic enthusiasm?
Neither of both to be honest. I have always enjoyed sports: skating and especially snowboarding made me go out into the mountains repeatedly. As a result, the enjoyment of nature and taking photos evolved simultaneously.

You keep enthralling your followers with impressive views of mountain chains – how do you manage to capture the characteristics of diverging peaks ever-new and gripping?
That is a good question. I mean – in order to do so, it is essential to consistently find the new. I barely go back to spots I have shot already. Not even in order to capture them under different circumstances. Also, I am hardly tempted by places „everybody knows“. I prefer exploring and discovering unexpected areas. That is also where I am able to shoot the images that I particularly like myself.

romankoonigshofer (Photo 1)
Symbiosis of light and structure in Landmannalaugar, Island

How do you celebrate getting a perfect image? How do you define „the shot“?
Activating the viewer’s emotion through my imagery marks the „best case“ to me. Images that have the power to move something. Personally, I am happiest about creating photos possessing a look that have not been seen in that particular way before.

How do your photographs come into life? Do you have a certain concept in mind before you set out? Or do you trust in your eye’s instant radar?
It depends. When I am working with clients, I usually have a concept. Whenever I am setting out on my own, I explore areas I did not know before. That is when things happen “on the go”.

romankoonigshofer (Photo 2)
Spots & sports: Roman enjoys surfing, climbing, hiking, and biking in Vietnam

As you are traveling quite frequently: Are there any specific travel habits you have cultivated over time?
I always bring earplugs and a sleeping mask. I often do not know where I will be spending the night…

Is there a place that you feel connected to even though you have never been there before? If so, where?
I think, Alaska is one of these places. I will for sure end up going there one day.

Where will your next journey take you?
My upcoming travel will take me to the Dolomites in South Tyrol for climbing.