In this spot, Chris Tzoutis introduces us to Serifos - a barely known island of the Greek Cyclades. Located in the Aegean Sea, halfway between Athens and popular Mykonos, this gem is only accessible via boat. Having arrived at Livadi Port, there are many different ways of exploring the essence of Greek Island beauty. Whether it is the dark and rough cliffs bumping into deep blue waters that you enjoy jumping off, or picturesque beaches to lay down by and take a nap - comprising around 40 beaches, Serifos meets every need one could have when it comes to beach vacation. Its small capital town - Chora - is located on top of a hill and can be reached by a 45 minutes walk. The ascent leads along fields of fresh sage, fragrant thyme, french daisies and poppies that will indulge all the senses - especially during the blooming period. The village itself especially enchants with several former windmills and its typical white-washed houses - reflecting the sun, adapting to the respective time of day and bathing everything in golden light. Ancient feels are provided by ruins and churches, such as the church of the Christ or Agios Athanasios as well as its Museums narrating the tales of greek archaeology, minerals and craftsmanship.