January 20, 2020
The Mapify team
Meet the people behind Mapify
Mapify team (Photo 0)

So this is the crew

The Mapify team consists of a young group of avid travel revolutioners – each skilled and enthusiastic in their particular field of specification: innovative engineers, social media experts, instinct-driven creatives and forward thinking leaders aim at making personal travel experiences easy, fun and accessible to individuals globally and thus redefine the way we travel.

Mapify team (Photo 1)

For us, thinking of potential upcoming trips is not a sort of procrastination but actually our job! Working at Mapify equals a journey full of adventures. Every day, we share skills and conquer borders, be it through challenging tasks or unconventional ideas that require new ways of thinking. Mapify team members contribute with what they’re best at and thus make sure to each walk their own professional path in the good company of like-minded, supportive colleagues.

Mapify team (Photo 2)

We move fast

We work powerful and we challenge each other while always focusing on maintaining our dynamic company culture. This is what makes the work at Mapify extremely rewarding - no matter if one works from our HQ in Berlin or on the go. And

We move three-dimensional

Divided into three departments, the Mapify Team includes a Creative Team, an Operations and Community Team, as well as a Product Team. Just like these teams make up the entirety of Mapify, we see each other as colleagues, friends and – in the end, one big Mapifamily.

Mapify team (Photo 3)