December 4, 2018
Vast Namibia
Why we all need our dose of the desert
Vast Namibia 1

As we hit the road, the slowly setting sun is being reflected again – not on the horizon this time but in our rear view mirror. We observe it. We observe the sun slowly approaching the Erongo mountain peaks – gently and in gleams of deep luminous yellow and then grazing it – gently and in colors of rich orange and deep red. We turn left as it vanishes from the back window, leaving veils behind it – gently and in shades of soft violet and silent blue.

Equipped with a year-round sunshine guarantee and the most intensive warm colors, Namibia represent the essence of #nofilterneeded. With an average of 9 hours of sun per day, the second least inhabited country of the world is not only a dream destination for all the sun worshipers and (Instagram) photographers, but meets almost any travel expectation. Opportunities are limitless and:

The path is the goal

For all the road trip travelers, who love to spend their time in a van on the road, the country located in Africa’s South East constitutes an entirely new terrain. Not least because of the exceptional surface conditions. There are few streets like those we are used to, most of the roads are gravel tracks of which many require a special permit and a 4x4 - four wheel drive. Though, those equipped with an off-road vehicle, will most likely enjoy a ride with no oncoming traffic for hundreds of kilometers that comes with incredible panorama views of Namibia’s breathtaking nature, the feeling of complete freedom and a hint of infinity.

Vast Namibia 2
Infinite vastness on the roads of the Hardap region by Anna Heupel

Relax, take it easy

Covering an overall area that complies with the size of Spain and Germany in sum, but only about 2 million citizens, Namibia is a paradise for those with a calm nature, for those who seek to lean back - either in the shade of palm trees or under the typical quiver trees that can be particularly found in the south-eastern Kalahari desert. Numerous lodges located far off the rush and busy everyday life, provide a broad program of wellness and luxurious treats for body and soul.

Nature and Adventure

For those thrilled by activity and the physical experience of nature, Namibia has a lot to discover. Multiple hiking trails around the Fish River Canyon give notice of the South African border while the Etosha National park in the north of the republic lets you witness the majesty and interaction of the „big 5“ while they roam around freely around water holes. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, oryx, ostriches and many more animals live here and can be marveled at in their natural habitat. The best thing: often they get so close, you will not even need binoculars.

Vast Namibia 3
Meeting majestic giraffes while on „Safari" with Carolin Unrath

Dunes and the desert

Characterized by the german colonial time, Swakopmund is not only Namibia’s most western city, but also features strong European vibes. Here, the desert meets the coast; red Namib dunes clash rough ocean waves. With the Atlantic in close proximity, there is a comfortable climate - even during the hot, dry Namibian summer. Getting the best of both worlds, you can join desert wildlife expeditions or get some adrenaline with quad bike loopings in the dunes in the morning and take a beach walk and iced coffee or go for a surf session in the afternoon.


Thanks to the arid, subtropic-continental climate, Namibia can be traveled year round. Especially the months of June through August are particularly popular, when the desert regions are summery and enjoyable. That is the time that turns the land of Namibia into a holiday hotspot that - in actual fact and thanks to its vastness - does not feel like one.