whosjessanyway is a traveler drawn to and atrracted by the vibes of places. Whenever she sets out to discover a new destination, the first thing she does is: take a Polaroid picture of the airport. The second: get a book marker. While reading books is a huge part of her everyday life, she likes to put them aside during travel and use notebooks instead, capturing her memories by writing down lines of poems and attaching small physical pieces that remind her of the place, like tickets or bills. Talking about vibes, Jess is a metropolitan girl especially fascinated by big cities. But also the small town of Boillon in Belgium really caught her attention: the medieval atmosphere, its dark rooftops and the overall green landscape left their marks on Jess’ travelers’ heart.

For those having a crush on Lisbon: whosjessanyway will be happy to help you out finding the best places to eat or the prettiest viewpoints of her hometown in Portugal.