January 20, 2020
Xoli @XOHO Café – Tel Aviv
Meet the face of the place
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Tel Aviv is said to be THE Israeli place for all cultural varieties to collide. The city seems to particularly be a place of well-being for people from America, Australia and France. That is also what you will experience as you enter the vibrant Café XOHO, located in J.L. Gordon St 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Sitting down at one of the well-arranged vintage tables, you will most likely be welcomed by the owner herself, Xoli – greeting you with a heartfelt smile.

xoli (Photo 1)

Xoli Omut-Durbin’s affectionate nature has been influenced by multifarious ways of living. Born in Canada and raised in Hongkong, she settled out for Australia where she worked as a barista and hence discovered her excitement for the local coffee culture. Bringing this special coffee spirit to Tel Aviv was her intention when she came to Israel. Not speaking a single word of Hebrew, it was the multicultural community of the city and the open minds of locals and expats that brought her together with Howi who became her business partner and Zoé, who established the food component, when they opened Café XOHO in 2008. Starting out as a coffee place that supplementary boils 8-10 bagels per day and letting things and events happen as they come, Café XOHO quickly turns into a hip spot for all foodies seeking for local and handmade, meals and vegan options. These days, XOHO serves more than 150 bagels per day and often has 50+ people in line on the weekends – waiting to be seated and indulge in a Sunday brunch with egg bagels, sweet and savory pancakes or delicious salads.

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For Xoli, the café project has evolved into her ‘life’ project, regular guests have turned into friends and her co-owner and business partner eventually has become her life-partner and husband.
If you ever happen to be around the area between the City Center and Old North, browsing through the many art galleries and museums or just enjoying yourself by the beach, make sure to fuel up with deliciousness, have a chat with Xoli and get inspired by the dedication and connecting spirit of likeminded people hanging out at Café XOHO. Oh – and do not forget to perpetuate your message to the world on the restroom’s wall. Our ambassador annanassaft has already done so when she traveled to Israel in spring.