Connecting the states of Utah and Arizona, Zion National Park covers an area of 579 km² and is home to a variety of impressive geologic particularities.
Defined by deep canyons and high plateaus, Zion National Park is bordered by Colorado Plateau, Mojave Desert and Great Basin. These diverse conditions provide insights into an infinite variety of vegetative richness that creates habitats for flora and fauna. The most common way of discovering the scenic variety of the National Park is to travel the Zion Scenic Drive as shown in the spot shared by herrfaerber. Following the Virgin River that once upon a time carved the 600-900m deep valley that is now called the Zion Canyon, this route takes you through thick forests, past green covered riverbanks and along red sand cliffs consisting of 9 different rock layers where bighorn sheep, tarantulas and rattlesnakes can be observed.